Valerii Sumilov

Design is one of the most interesting methods of transforming the external and structural image of the world around us. Even more, without design its transformation would be impossible. It is present in all the domains of our lives, accompanies us from the moment of our birth to the oldest of age. We are born and we die in design. It is present in everything. Our body is the pinnacle of creation, the pinnacle of design. The human is beautiful and perfect. This is true for both our exterior and interior. Everything is well-organized, intertwined, forming a uniform system with various elements interacting between each other. Our dwelling, its decoration, the technology surrounding us, working place, habitat, the world around us – in everything there’s a design, serving as a means to transform the image of the world as well as to order its structure. Design has long exceeded the boundaries of the common concept of an object’s beautiful visualization. Design cannot exist on its own. It refers to specific industries, domains of application. Moreover, the design has to take into account a large number of factors, which in turn will strongly influence the end result. For example: when creating package design, the designer has to keep in mind such factors as the psychology of human perception, marketing, means and tools of promotion, the technologies available for production and many others. The line between design and art is blurring. Today, an art object can serve as an element of design, in interior decoration for example. And vice versa. The design becomes an art object, the numerous museums of design all over the globe are a great example of this process. The main difference between design and art, in my opinion, is that the design, besides the external beauty, also incorporates the concept of confortable use. Design has to be confortable, functional, and ergonomic. Objects of art lack such limitations. Art is the artist’s pure fantasy without any structural or technological boundaries. Design serves the purpose of making our lives better and more comfortable, while art is used to inspire and push the boundaries of conventional vision.

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Valerii Sumilov
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